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waitforip.exe - hold a batch file until windows has an ip address


This is a windows executable, really only useful for batch file writers, that pauses the batchfile until the host has an ip address that matches the specified mask. In practice, I wrote this to delay execution of certain code until after a relatively slow wireless NIC woke up and got its DHCP in order.

This utility uses string matching, it has no concept of subnets, octets, or the arcane. For instance, if you ask it to match "192.16" it will quite happily match both "192.16.a.b" and "192.168.a.b" addresses. I didn't have any use for anything fancier than this, as as long as the host didn't have either or the Windows autoconfigure range, I was happy.


  • Win32 Console.
  • Language:

  • C++ - Specifically, it compiles under Microsoft's C++ Compiler from Visual Studio 6.0
  • Download:

    waitforip.exe, win32 console application
    waitforip.exe, win32 console application, zipped
    source code