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"textselect" is a command line program that allows you to combine text files containing columns of data with a sql like syntax.

The specific use case this was written for was in order to combine various outputs from network equipment - for instance, pulling the MAC address and switchport from a Cisco switch's "show mac address-table" command, pulling the the ip address and mac address from a Cisco firewall's "show arp" command, pasting these outputs into separate text files, then using textselect to coorelate ip addresses and switchports based on the shared mac address.

Sample syntax:

./textselect a.txt.1, a.txt.3, m.txt.4, c.txt.5 from a.txt m.txt c.txt where a.txt.3 == m.txt.2 and a.txt.2 in c.txt.5 options inner




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