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Pathos is a windows batch file that allows you to easily manipulate your $PATH.

Usage:  pathos [+/-/s/l] directory [directory2... ..directory8]
        "pathos + ."  will add the expanded . to the path.
        "pathos - ."  will remove the expanded . from the path.
        "pathos +" accepts between 1 and 8 arguments.
        "pathos -" accepts only one argument
        "pathos s" saves the current path to the variable PATHOSPATH
        "pathos l" replaces the current path with the value in PATHOSPATH, if defined

In brief, you can use "pathos + ." or "pathos - ." to immediately add or remove the current directory from the $PATH. You can use any notation that expands properly to indicate the directories. For instance, "pathos + ../../stuff/" or "pathos + %appdata%/.minecraft" should expand properly. In addition, "pathos s" and "pathos l" allow you to save the $PATH to a temporary variable and then recover it when desired.

If pathos.bat isn't in your path, a quick "pathos + ." while in the same directory will add it.

The batch file search-and-replace used here was aquired here.


Download pathos.bat