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NetApp Filer Template for Cacti


This is a host template for Cacti for the NetApp filer. It will graph network interfaces, cpu usage, cache age, nfs and cifs operations, as well as per-volume graphs for disk, file and inode usage.

This template includes some bits and parts from other templates that I have gathered from the Cacti forums. In particular, bits from this page and this page have been incorporated. For the per-volume statistics in particular, I cleaned up the original XML file and created data source and graph templates referencing it.

This template was extracted from cacti using the normal export function. I have not tested a re-import, but don't see why it wouldn't work. In addition, you will need the netapp-volumes.xml file (also below) which should be placed in the resource/snmp_queries/ directory alongside its pre-existing friends.

Update: 4/29/2010. Fixed a bug in the volume disk space graphs. Apparently multiplying up by 1024 to turn Kbytes into bytes, then back down via the automagic convertion to M and G was causing a math error.



Cache Age:

NFS Ops:


(well, if I was using CIFS then there would probably be something here)

CPU Load:

Per Volume Graphs: (usage, files, inodes)


cacti_host_template_netapp_old.xml (import this)
cacti_host_template_netapp.xml (import this)
netapp-volumes.xml (this goes in the resource/snmp_queries/ directory)