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MSSQL Trouble Button - take a snapshot of the problem


This is an ASP utility that allows the user to make a snapshot of the current state of database tables in MSSQL. It outputs the results of the queries you specify as HTML.

The idea here is that if you are having mysterious "issues" with a MSSQL-based product you have deployed in your organization, you can provide your users with the TroubleButton URL. When they have an issue, they can immediately click the button to save the current state of any pertinent information, so that when somebody has a chance to look into it they can see what the status was... at the time of the problem. After the DB data is collected, the user is presented with a short form to fill out to describe the problem. Completed forms are saved along with the database dump itself.

You will need to edit the code itself to make this fit your needs... in particular the user/dbname/password etc as well as the actual sql select statements necessary to capture the data you are interested in. Also, all the HTML is ultra-minimal, you will probably want to make it look nice as well. By default, it expects there to be a directory "C:\dblog\" that exists and is writable by the webserver.

This script was cranked out in a hurry. It isn't well written or commented, but it does the job.


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    troublebutton/index.html - The Button
    troublebutton/problem.asp - Script that rips out the SQL data and presents the survey
    troublebutton/survey.asp.txt - Script that saves the survey and says Thank You


    TroubleButton.zip - all files, zipped