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'bs'* is a repeatable 'suppression' grep, used in cases where you are for instance repeatably working over the same output and adding an additional "| grep -v blah" to the pipeline every cycle.

Specifically, this script was written to handle the output of 'searchsploit' while working on my OSCP/OSCE, so that I could individually exclude results from future exections of searchsploit without having to manually keep track of what I had ruled out.


... will drop out all lines that have matches

bs a b c
...will add 'a', 'b' and 'c' to the matched terms

bs -d a -d b c
... will delete 'a', delete 'b' and add c to the matched terms, etc

bs --list
...  lists all the matched terms

bs --clear
... deletes all the matched terms


Listing directory https://download.elifulkerson.com/files/bs/0.1: bs June 20 2019 15:22:42 2000 Python script, ASCII text executable bs.asc July 03 2019 15:44:15 801 GnuPG signature bs.md5 July 03 2019 15:44:15 37 MD5 checksum bs.sha1 July 03 2019 15:44:15 45 SHA1 checksum bs.sha256 July 03 2019 15:44:15 69 SHA256 checksum bs.sha512 July 03 2019 15:44:15 133 SHA512 checksumBrowse the download server

* (originally 'bansploit', but also 'bullshit'... because of course it is)