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AltPaste - a secondary "Paste" using SendKeys()


AltPaste is a Windows system tray utility. It registers the global hotkey "alt-insert". When you press alt-insert, if text data exists on the clipboard it is typed into the currently focused text field using the SendKeys() function. To the receiving application it will look just like you typed it in.

This program was written because having to deal with web applications that helpfully disable paste for vacuous "security reasons". It is often possible to disable javascript specifically to get around this, or to use a browser that prevents the interception of paste events, but I thought it would be cleaner to just have an alternate paste for myself.

The icon I used for this project is from http://www.iconseeker.com/search-icon/crystal-clear-actions/edit-paste.html, authored by Evaraldo Coelho and licensed under the LGPL.



Source code (v0.1)