MCCP: Notes

From Lasher of Aardwolf, posted with permission:

Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 10:11:06 -0400 (EDT) 
From: Lasher <wolf at>
To: Oliver Jowett <oliver at>
Subject: Re: MCCP Server.


Just following up on this email. After seeing some of the gains from MCCP
I put in some in-game incentives for people to use it. This morning I had
287 people on, 234 of which were using compression. The CPU change is
maybe 2-3% on a p2-400. The RAM is really getting hammered with the Zlib
buffer plus the descriptor buffer, I'm sucking up close to 100mb RAM extra
with so many people using it. Not a big deal, we have 512mb on order

Of the 234 people online using MCP just before this morning's reboot,
a sample of their stats along with the total below. Obviously this isnt
toal mud output for any given period of time, it's just for each player
with MCP on at the moment for however long they're been online, with a
total at the bottom. The 230mb down to 42mb is nice though.

       Echos 1701956 427977
 SkullLeader 2243873 354401
     Alcazar 5120933 899416
      Faylen 1750467 406003
      Davist 4299123 783043
    Quantumn 3012448 630989
       Maril 1726216 454386
      Sirene 2380101 650093
       Ilysa 4556159 866424
        ------------ ------------
           230342996     42258638

Hope you find this interesting (at least a little :)


Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 19:07:37 -0400 (EDT) From: Lasher <wolf at> To: Oliver Jowett <oliver at> Subject: Re: MCCP Server. > You can tweak windowBits and memLevel at runtime by using deflateInit2 > instead of deflateInit. I suspect that's a good idea since 256K or more per > connection is probably excessive :) I did compile it down to 128k when I first put it in and then (because of a screwup) it got overwritten with the generic library and I never got around to redoing it. It's actually done me a favor, I'd been procrastinating on buying RAM we need for other things anyway so this forced the issue. > > > Definitely. Do you mind if I post these stats somewhere on my MCCP pages? > Not at all, those numbers seem to be very consistent, I just did the same thing again and the totals are: There are 289 characters on, the most on today was 354. There are 245 characters using compression. 237340443 44604161 If you want a full list feel free to post that also. Mud address is 4000, just login and do a 'who compress'. I don't know how much the average mud would care about this, but for us, if we ever have to move to a host that charges for bandwidth it could very well mean the difference between being able to afford to stay online or not. Thanks again. Regards, Derek.

Note: looks like most of the memory was going on zlib internal compression state, which (as mentioned above) can be tweaked by using deflateInit2 instead of deflateInit. The exact memory usage is described in zconf.h.

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