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Rollover pinout for Digi Etherlite 32

Digi Etherlite 32 front panel

I recently picked up a used Digi Etherlite 32 serial concentrator from ebay. It didn't come with cables, it took me a few tries with conflicting documentation on the internet before I found a pinout that would work to connect it to my Cisco lab. Below is the pinout I am using currently. Note that the Cisco has two ground pins and the Etherlite has only one, so you could potentially make a better cable by bonding the two. I was lazy, I just ignored the other one and it seems to work fine. I cut off one end of my pre-existing rollover cables, hence the funky coloring rather than cat5 standard. If you're making both ends just follow the arrows, the twisted pairs aren't really going to matter.

Cisco<->Etherlite, 1<->8, 2<->2, 3<->4, 4<->x, 5<->6, 6<->5, 7<->7, 8<->1

Cisco Side:

This is untouched from a stock rollover cable, just remember the colors order is reversed if you snip the wrong end. The green wire here corresponds to the gap in the next picture - I didn't bother pulling it out.
Cisco side: brown, blue, yellow, green, red, black, orange, white

Custom Side:

This side plugs into the Etherlite, it is re-ordered and re-punched. Note the gap in slot #3.:
Etherlite side: white, blue, unused, yellow, black, red, orange, brown

If you are using cat5 cable...

greenblue or white-blue

... should do the trick. I don't really recommend this though, since if you only take a look at one side of the cable you might think its a normal ethernet cable. Its an easier cable to make though, rollover cables are extremely obnoxious to re-punch.